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Sunday, 06 January 2019
As Manhunt begins tonight on ITV at 9pm - we can be sure it won't feature the other villain in the Levi Bellfield case - Surrey Police.

Television is very good at Not Biting the hand that feeds it.

But, as Gemma Dowler implies in her superb book My Sister Milly, the Dowler family regard Surrey Police as a major player in the disgraceful debacle.

Gemma thinks that, had Surrey Police been any good at all, they would have turned up at the door of all Sex Offenders living within a few hundred yards of the spot Milly disappeared, near Walton-on-Thames railway station, and might well have found Milly live and well before she was killed.

I don't go that far. I think it is pushing it; kids go missing every day and the vast majority return within hours. But I do consider Surrey Police to be institutionally incompetent and corrupt - perhaps the worst force in the country - and only good at concealing themselves from examination.

The officer in charge of the flawed investigation into my behaviour, 19 years ago, was given the Milly Dowler case as a reward for getting my conviction. I know that was a wrongful conviction and hope, in 2019, to see it overturned. Detective Chief Inspector Marjoram, promoted after my first debacle, was put in charge (by equally dodgy Craig Denholm). Their use of the media was reprehensible and very nearly criminal.

Was ex-Surrey Cop MWT involved? Who knows?

But because Surrey Police was so useless, they failed to find Levi Bellfield who went on to try to kill several other innocent girls - and succeeded with Amelie DeLagrange and Marsha McDonnell.

Fortunately those murders were just across the line from Surrey and fell into the hands of excellent, honest, hard working cop Colin Sutton (played tonight by Martin Clunes) who found and locked up Bellfield within weeks.

Surrey Police has never properly examined the appalling behaviour of Marjoram, Denholm and their team. Neither has the media. I fear tonight's Manhunt will also evade the issue.

But it was very clear to me there were two villains in this case. Levi Bellfield and Surrey Police.

Repeated again and again with cases like Breck Bednar.

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