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Wednesday, 29 May 2019
So what do I think happened in the career of Mark Williams Thomas?

When he met my original False Accuser - Kirk McIntyre - who bravely waived his right to anonymity in 2005 when he bravely waved hello to a large cheque from The Sun - in May 2000, I think something dawned on MWT. Kirk had been told, when he first went to Max Clifford, that he had no commercial story of interest to the media without a famous name. At that time I did not feature at all in Kirk's stories about having been abused as a teenager.

Mark spent a great deal of time on his own with Kirk and his wife. They compiled a list of celebrities who were either gay or suspected of liking "young girls" - ranging from groupies (in the 60s and 70s) to over 16's.

This list included Cliff Richard, Paul Gambaccini, Jimmy Savile, Elton John and others.

This is only a suspicion but I reckon Mark worked out that this could be a hugely rewarding area of financial gain. He left the police and tried to make money from Celebrity Sex Abuse. We know he tried to obtain and then sell the names and contact details of my false accusers to the media. But he didn't have much success until he tried with a dead celeb - Jimmy Savile - and then he hit pay dirt. Loads of money, credit, praise and success.

Whether any of this behaviour was criminal, I have no idea. Whether it was immoral I leave others to decide.

Aided and abetted by media (great stories), police (promotion and increased budgets) and bent lawyers (they earned more from the Savile drama than anyone), MWT had really hit the jackpot.

Bringing with him an enormous amount of miscarriages of justice, misery, ruined lives and even deaths.

It may be that now, with a small level of scepticism about the enormous quantity of historical abuse, people are starting to believe that this is, indeed, what happened and that a can of worms has been prised open, with most of the allegations being at least exaggerated, sometimes by genuine confusion but often due to greed and a desire for compensation.

I stress this is mainly a theory and I'm not accusing anyone of anything.

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