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R Kelly, John Leslie and all PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 July 2019
The problem with society at the moment is that instead of being decent it has become vindictive. Instead of using common sense, police have become vicious. Instead of the truth, we all want a great story, courtesy of the media.

I have no idea whether these people, celebrities or nonentities, were guilty of sexual crimes, ranging from rape to fiddling to attempts at seduction.

Likewise Michael Jackson, Jimmy Savile or any of the dead stars, smeared after demise.

But police or media, if approached by a complainant, should say "look; this may have ruined your life but it could ruin it even more if you're exaggerating or lying. We shall examine your phone, computer and past history. Most people have made mistakes in their past. If you ever took drugs or drove too fast or had sex that you shouldn't have or stole something or cheated - it will come out and the results could be devastating".

In my recent debacle it emerged one man had raped his 10 year old sister numerous times when she was 10 and he was 20; another boasted about losing his virginity when he and she were 14 - it turned out they were both just a month under 16 but still that was, technically, child rape.

If then the other famous line (never "we want money", you'll note) is used - "to stop him or her doing it to others" - a decent cop should say "Look, one visit and if this is true it will stop them even thinking of doing it again".

This entire #MeToo witch hunt has developed over 20 years as media discovered these are great stories, particularly if the accused is a dead Prime Minister or President. Or Pop Star or Sports Coach. Or Teacher or Doctor. Anyone who improves the quality of life should be exposed as a hypocrite or vandal.

It is time we rebalanced our approach to life.

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