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Sunday, 28 July 2019
I'm sorry to go on about this but I'm seething with hatred and fury.

The Carl Beech debacle has illustrated how useless - and possibly corrupt - British Police have become but my heart is broken reading this article in yesterday's TIMES - link below.

Deepcut barracks in Surrey - an Army base - saw four young recruits die in very similar fashion (shot) in an almost identical place over seven years. Surrey Police (criticised by Coroner Peter Rook as "lackadaisical" - what a bizarre word) failed to find the culprit. Either "suicide" or "natural causes" were the official cause.

I'm sorry but that is too much of a coincidence. All young teenagers (the first was just in his 20s). It simply does not make sense.

If it WAS suicide, something extraordinary was going on there which should have been discovered and stopped after the first death. If it was MURDER, even more reason to prevent future deaths after the first.

The new Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Gavin Stephens, started work at Surrey in 1996, just after the first two deaths. He is in the perfect place, now, to order a proper investigation and find out if there was a cover up.

It MUST happen.,com_gallery2/Itemid,64/?g2_itemId=7963

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