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Monday, 24 May 2021
The Latts

I’m starting a new group; The Latts. Lateral Thinkers. There seem to be so few of us around.

Covid19. When it started in Wuhan around January 2020, we examined it and decided that it was like a new Flu variant but very nasty and possibly lethal to the vulnerable - the elderly, diabetic and those with underlying health issues.

Not the “killer plague” painted by the media, which loves exaggerating the reality to get a good story, but an essentially trivial virus that could be terminal for a few.

So we bought masks (my expensive one took 6 weeks to arrive - from China). We took precautions.

I reckon I caught it in February 2020 at the excellent stage version of Upstart Crow when a woman seated directly behind me coughed throughout - so much so that I left in the interval. I got bad flu symptoms, stayed in bed for 4 days, ate Paracetamol, drank water and recovered, although for months I suffered mild aches and pains.

Then I watched as the media - traditional and social - went into Inflation Overdrive, with Governments of countries over reacting to the over hype.

Instead of making sure the vulnerable were isolated and protected, and treated well if infected, they took different methods from lockdowns to panic. Thousands died but nearly all were those who would have died from a bad flu season.

In the winter of 2017-2018 in England and Wales, the wrong flu vaccine was given and 50,000 died in three months. Had that not been rectified and had the “flu season” lasted for a full year, 200,000 would have died in the 12 months. A couple of tiny media mentions was all that got.

Months later they found an antidote test. I took it (very expensive). Negative. “That means you never had Covid” said my (very expensive) Doctor. “No”, I replied, being a lateral thinker, “it just means I don’t now have antibodies”. A few weeks later they announced antibodies faded after a few months.

Like Doctors, “experts” fuelled the PanicDemic without lateral thinking or common sense.

I went off the moment the first Lockdown was lifted and spent four months in the sun in South Europe.

Back for six more months of self isolation Lockdown Two thinking; they are over reacting like crazy.

Had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. I’m now, again, swimming in the sunshine, away from the media induced madness.

But I worry. Not about Covid (I shall have the booster jab in September) but about Flu, which I think has been ignored as everyone has worshipped Emperor Covid’s New Suit. I bet they won’t have “tweaked” the flu vaccine this year. I bet the jab I get for Flu in September won’t work. I bet there’s a FLU pandemic this winter, killing millions.

Of which, being 76 and diabetic, I may be one.

I which case this may be my final post so please remember; it won’t just be me dying. It will be Lateral Thinkers. And Common Sense.

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