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King of Hits
The Dreaded FLU PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 07 January 2006
Well, I can't believe this appalling flu.
For the first year ever, I had the flu jab.
Survived Xmas - wonderful time, relaxing, peaceful, family - then started feeling a bit blocked up.
Around the 28th it struck.
Dry throat, burning chest, incredible fever, sweating so I had to change bed linen every day...
After 3-4 days I summoned a doctor who salid it had gone to my chest and prescribed a course of strong anti biotics.
That took a day or two to kick in but I'm feeling better now though there's still a dry cough here and there and a sniffly snuffle tendency.
The damn thing lasted ten days and I'm sure it's not completely over yet.
My voice is raspy. I could make Rod Stewart tribute CD's.
God knows what the avian flu is like if this is the new ordinary flu.
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