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Thursday, 26 January 2006
Well, I bought the album and the GOOD news is...
it's great fun; full of energy (which is what I liked about the singles).
I noticed how good the drummer is (I liked him when I saw the first video - he's cheeky) - there's a very mature level of syncopation and the rhythms are quite complex - sometimes even jazzy.
The BAD news is... I don't hear any other big hits (though I do like Riot Van) and they have used up all their qualities (Northern accents; energy; originality) on the singles so it tends to be more of the same.
The trouble with that is - hailed as the saviours of British music, they won't have time to get off the celebrity roller coaster to concentrate on improving their tracks.
I still really like them but I'd give the album 6/10.
There's one very interesting aspect though that hasn't been truly observed.
They are proof that you don't have to come from London (or New York) and don't need to be with a big label or have huge live support to make interesting music and get it noticed.
Not only are they an "internet" band but they show that regional attitudes can actually be a PLUS.
So... well done Arctics but don't fall for the hype others will put on you.
This is a brilliant start.
But there's a long way left to go.
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