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King of Hits
Well, with the boards STILL down... JK posts on Top of the Pops, Miss Marple, Superbowl... PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 February 2006
A strange Top of the Pops trying to be significant with many tracks the viewer wants to hear and see please NOT included.
Orson were fine but I don't think they are the future of music.
Richard Bacon is so awful and someone told him not to shave and to wear jeans in order to appear indie.
Miss Marple - beautifully done but so "adapted" - yet those of us who knew the basic plot knew miles ahead Phil D did it.
And will they NOT rush the credits at 100 miles per hour when the main point of this version is the c list guest stars concealed like bodies amongst the words?
I never thought I'd survive the entire Superbowl but it was a great game and I found myself shouting at the TV screen "he's going to go all the way" when he caught the ball and started running on his 75 yard touchdown.
And the meal I had Saturday...
well perhaps this is neither the place nor the time.
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