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Friday, 24 February 2006
Here's the TRUE story of the song.

My hairdresser (yes, I do have one) Keith always goes to Carnival in the Caribbean and comes back with tapes of all the catchy contest songs. One was Who Let The Dogs Out. He played it to me and I loved it so he copied the tape for me.

I contacted the writer and asked if I could buy the rights to the master. It turned out it had never been recorded! Keith's cassette had been taped live on the float at the carnival. Anyway he said he was going into the studio to record it and he'd send it to me to listen to.

Meantime "the business" had heard about my interest and he was getting HUGE offers for the song (unheard by many execs - they simply trusted my ears). However, when they got to hear it, they all pulled out.

And when he sent me his recording, I understood why. All the fun and sparkle had gone. So I asked if he'd mind if I had a go. And this is the final result of my attempt to capture the magic. We released it on ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Anyone who played it (on little stations, hospital radio etc) came back saying the listener response was fantastic. But AATW could not get any big exposure.

A friend of mine in New Orleans got it adopted by the New Orleans Saints as their theme that year and it was played every other week to thousands in the Superdome.

But I couldn't break it.

I kept nagging away at my friends that this was a smash. Finally, after 8 dinners followed by my plugging him with the song, Steve Greenberg, my good friend, decided to cover it with his BAHA MEN and the rest is history.

But this is the very first, original studio recording by me under the name FATT JAKK and his PACK OF PETS.

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