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King of Hits
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What are we doing with this complicated new site? Explanation here! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 February 2006
Remember - the original King Of Hits site was set up before all the latest interesting developments in my life - way back in 2000
Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds since then.
But I like the simplicity and ease of understanding of the old site.
Basic categories - just click and read.
But then there's "and write".
And now there's "and listen".
And one day - who knows - "and buy".
As the visits numbers increased to over 10,000 a day, I realised that you, too, preferred the look of the old site - no pop up ads or irritating flash slogans to annoy.
So we started working on expanding the site to include more but still be simple.
This process was hastened by the increasing collapse of our Asian board servers.
We get so many posts and visits and E-Mails to our Starblvd boards that I decided we'd keep them going (for the moment) but provide an alternative board area for when the Asian server went down.
So we're not quite ready yet but this is a way of providing our vital service - SERIOUS industry and media communication with key influential contributors - without losing any important input.
Spread the word - if it works! 
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