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King of Hits
Sunday Times 5/3/2006 - excellent article... read here in full PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 March 2006
Paul Donovan makes very valid points...

The Sunday Times March 05, 2006

Radio Waves: Paul Donovan: The ban plays on

Gary Glitter will probably have been tried, convicted and sentenced for abusing two girls in Vietnam by the time these words appear. He has already been in jail here for possessing child pornography. Once the sequined godfather of glam rock, he is the very definition of a fallen star. But anyone who wants to hear any of the No 1 hits that made him a household name will be disappointed.

British radio bans his records, both officially and unofficially.

The same applies to Jonathan King, another singer from the 1970s, who is now on parole after being jailed for offences involving teenage boys. His records, too, have been airbrushed from the airwaves. This is not a topic the industry likes to talk about, and PPL (the body that collects royalties for performers) refuses to discuss it.

Many will have no problem with this. One

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