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Who's Been Polishing The Sun? JK (Nemo) PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 April 2006
An obscure lost gem.

The followup to The Sun Has Got His Hat On... lost in the vaults of time.

Recovered and sent to me by a dear friend (please excuse the vinyl crackles).

Can't find the master or the multi track but this is fun.

"This world's becoming a gay one". How true.

Written by the great Noel Gay himself actually. Enjoy.


The Camels are Coming (1934)

Jack Hulbert is the bungler investigating a drug smuggling operation in Egypt. Anna Lee is the love interest. The most interesting thing about this film is the location shooting. It was rare enough for movies of the period to film in the local high street, so seeing Jack Hulbert wandering around Egyptian ruins is a novelty. Unfortunately, what he does in the ruins is below par. He does, however, get to sing his big hit "Who's been polishing the sun?".

Script: Guy Bolton, Jack Hulbert, W.P. Lipscomb

Director: Tim Whelan

Players: Hartley Power, Harold Huth, Allan Jeyes, Peter Gawthorne, Norma Whalley, Peggy Simpson, Percy Parsons, Tony de Lungo

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