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King of Hits
JK Theory on what's happening in music... PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 August 2006
since most major (and minor) ears were not great, the priority system kicked in to justify expensive signings and, with such rewards as Top of the Pops and radio play coming when the charts featured tracks, the expense appeared worthwhile.

But it never was. The punters will NOT buy shit.

An excuse was created ("everyone has developed specialist taste") to justify the lack of real, big, crossover hits.

But the public still want those giant smashes (James Blunt; Amarillo; Crazy; Hips; Frog).

The majors hate these as they tend NOT to come from "artistes" and not to sell "albums". Which make huge profits compared to decent profits. But these days new technology, low overheads and the internet mean someone can create and sell a smash WITHOUT the baggage and costs of artistes and albums.

The only thing currently missing is EXPOSURE. When we work out how that can be acquired on quality and not pressure and hype, we'll be back on track as an industry. And don't worry; I'm working on it.

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