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King of Hits
Notting Hill Carnival 2006 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 August 2006
I love the Notting Hill Carnival; it's just around the corner from me; close enough to walk; not in the middle of the chaos.

I've been to almost every one (apart from 3 brief years). Indeed, we had a float some years ago playing my latest single non stop - WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?

It went down a storm.

This year I've been greeted by 47 people so far; 6 were friends or acquaintances; 41 total strangers who were smiling and positive and supportive. Indeed several seemed to think my appeals had worked and all my convictions rightly quashed.

Fewer people than I remembered though but all very happy. Floats, steel bands of girls in white, orange and gold.

Feathers galore. Absurd hats. Much near nudity. Good vibrations and merriness.

I get recognised by hundreds. The vast majority clearly know my face but don't know quite where from or who I am. But those that do seem 100% on side which is very nice from total strangers.

It's all quite a contrast from the dark recesses of tabloid world which, fortunately, doesn't exist except in a few Wapping imaginations!

So here's to even more jolly Carnival celebrations. They make Bank Holidays a joy to experience.

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