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King of Hits
Universal - in the worst state of all the majors. PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 February 2007
"Is he mad?" you will ask.

Universal are dominating the charts. Yes. Big mistake. The charts mean nothing, absolutely nothing. All it reflects is the ability to continue the OLD way better than everyone else (spending money; hyping; not worrying about the bottom line; blindness towards the reality of the new world).

What do Universal Executives cherish as the Holy Grail?

Chart positions. Awards. Industry praise. Efficiency in the old model.

Whilst other companies, hurting badly, are having to reassess the situation, like it or not, as the collapse of their corporations is imminent, Universal are happily, blithely doing it the old way.

My old friend Doug Morris (my Una Paloma Blanca was on his little Big Tree label before he became corporate) was one of the best at the OLD way. He still is. And the OLD way is now terminal for big companies.

They simply cannot afford the overheads.

Universal will THINK they are doing great - and they are, by the OLD standards - but EMI and the others, really hurting, will now be aware that HUGE changes are needed imminently. Not in time but now.

Which is actually a healthier position to be in (though doubtless they won't dare do what has to be done).

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