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King of Hits
The Iran sailors: a total disgrace PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 April 2007
The entire handling of the return of the captured sailors reeks of the fact that the media now controls everything.

If anyone cared to stop future deaths or wars, those men (and woman) would have said "we still believe we were in Iraqui waters; they didn't; they treated us fine; no more comment".

All this moaning about bad treatment, all this public drama... it's because of the one over riding 21st century need - "IT'S A GOOD STORY".

Now we know the Sunday tabloids will be scuttling around for the "he's great in bed", "she left me for another man" stories.

Nobody cares if this leads to many more deaths.

It's as though our leaders (on both sides) have gone mad. As hundreds of thousands of dead people in Iraq will confirm.

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