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King of Hits
And the final Harry Potter novel... PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 29 July 2007
Absolutely wonderful. I've taken a week to read a book which would normally have taken me a day because I wanted to savour and relish it like a banquet.

For me, JK's greatest achievement is she has clearly not been influenced one tiny bit by the movies. All the way through there are clear moments that don't fit the film images but match perfectly the pictures we readers have had in our - and her - imaginations.

I really think she is the Dickens of today - what greater tribute? Just as the world HAD TO KNOW the fate of Little Nell, so we all cared about Harry and Ron and Hermione (still my favourite) and Neville (I always had a soft spot or him too; what a brilliant creation by Rowling) and Ginny and Dumbledore and all of them.

I feel a bit bereft after ten years of living with this series but the climax is magnificent and totally lives up to expectations. And I'll bet you these classics will still be best sellers in a hundred years (if the species survives that long, which I sincerely doubt).

Well done JK (and my 1999 tribute is still available on Amazon at a VERY reasonable price). I can't tell you how I've loved this entire journey and the last week has been all consuming.

What The Beatles were in the last century, JK Rowling is to this one.

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