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Saturday, 25 August 2007
My Mother, Ailsa King, died at 8.05pm on Friday 24th August 2007.

She was 91.

Almost everyone considers their Mum the best in the world but mine really was. She went through a lot, losing my Father when he was only 42 and having to bring up us three sons, not an easy task for a widowed woman in the 50's and 60's. But she was so strong and supportive and encouraging and an absolute rock in times of stress.

Everybody loved her and one of the main reasons was because she was totally unselfish. Even in her last painful days she constantly worried that she was being a nuisance or asked how friends were (one was pregnant and gave birth the day before she died, naming her baby boy after my Mum).

She was generous, intelligent, attractive and caring. I shall miss her for the rest of my life but I shall mainly rejoice in the fact that she was with me for 62 years, providing advice, love and friendship without fail under any and every circumstance.

At 91 it was a good age and my only regret is that her last 4 weeks were painful and uncomfortable. I've never supported voluntary euthanasia. Now I do.

Bless her. You would not believe the amount of happiness she gave me. And everyone she met.

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