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September Holiday... PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 September 2007
After cremating my Mum I went straight off back to the sunshine, not even returning home, which is, of course, full of photos. I decided I should be busy and abroad, so I returned to Morocco, read several great books and swam a lot (see the video diary).

Two amusing things - I always carry my favourite tipple - CLAMATO Juice, made from tomatoes and clam juice, not available in most places so I need to carry my own and add a large amount of Worchestershire Sauce. More, in fact, than I brought with me but I managed to find one bottle in a supermarket in Morocco (MARJANE, which I visit a lot).

As I picked up the bottle and my large glass in my hotel room I managed to drop both.

They crashed to the floor and exploded. I've never seen anything like it. Shards of glass and dark brown glue, sweet smelling of molasses and honey, splattered everywhere.

I gave up totally and called the femme du chambre. Three delightful girls appeared and spent half an hour scrubbing, polishing and wiping until every trace was gone. I gave them a huge tip, of course.

The second thing was, as I returned from a delicious Japanese meal (the MATSURI chain is fantastic) late at night, there, sitting in the chair outside my room, was a tiny little kitten. Very pretty with gorgeous blue green eyes, not more than a few weeks old, totally distrustful of me and all humans; but I managed to seduce her with bowls of milk and small chunks of a sausage I hadn't eaten earlier, and she became my best friend, adoring being scratched and stroked and cuddled and teased.

Next morning she was waiting outside my door. Sadly I had to leave to return to chill Northern Europe. I hope she can cope with Moroccan life.

The Eurotunnel train was delayed by an hour and we had to be off loaded and put on another train. This is the second time in two trips (remember, last time there was a fire in the Tunnel and I ended on a ferry).

Morocco, not for the first time, managed to distract me from too much grief and give me sunshine (it's lovely in September, as in May) without being too hot. And the people are so sweet and kind and generous.

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