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King of Hits
Levi Bellfield, Steven Wright, Mark Dixie, Adam Swellings, KILLERS? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 February 2008
As we witness the jailing for life for several horrific killers, can I make three points?

One - nobody knows if these ARE killers. We all howled at Sally Clark and Stefan Kiszko and the hundreds of others when they were convicted. I know the police and CPS have gotten VERY good at feeding the media (and the jury) the story they want believed. I swear that the amount of fiction and downright lies in my trial and the coverage were incredible - at least 90% was totally false and the other 10% exaggerated or inflated.

All those howling for the death penalty - it often kicks in - for both Stefan and Sally and many others (Bob Woffinden wrote a great article about this - the stress of miscarriages of justice kills again and again).

Second - The appalling situation of Milly Dowler; if it WAS Wright who killed her, the Surrey Police inefficiency (concentrating on other, high profile stitch ups occupied their time and budget) was stunning.

Third - If that is the case, indivuduals MUST be named and punished. The Police and CPS get away with the worst crimes because it's ALWAYS "the Police" and never individual officers. We must, as a society, start punishing the wrongdoers who hide behind official status.

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