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Drugs and false accusations - a link. PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 March 2008
I know many visit this site to discover assistance because they have also become victims of false allegations and would like clues as to how to fight their cases from a very high profile victim of this crime.

So here's a tip I wish I'd known before fighting and failing in the first, original moments of my case.

You will find that many, if not all, of your false accusers admit to abuse of drugs, ranging from alcohol and cannabis to harder substances. In historical cases, the police and prosecution will try to paint this on the abuse - claiming it provoked this behaviour.

Which may, in some cases, be true. But in the majority of cases it is the character of the accuser which, after becoming addicted to drugs and quite often indulging in criminal activity to fund their habit, causes deliberate lying or exaggeration in order to get sympathy, revenge, cash or attention and in order to avoid examination of their own personal life failures.

The BLAME culture is a deep and powerful sickness.

Insist that your lawyers call expert witnesses to the effects of drug abuse - one of which is frequently exaggeration, invention and even genuine delusion - consistent use of cannabis can convince people that certain things happened which, simply, didn't. And at very least it can persuade someone that experiences they enjoyed were NOT pleasant.

Now here's the problem.

Many solicitors or barristers are now from the generation that does still or at least did in the past experiment with and use drugs. So they will not want to go anywhere near this area of defence.

You must INSIST they pursue this line of argument. It really does often affect judgement and veracity and even self knowledge. Regular habitual users can become seriously affected but many professionals don't want to discuss this.

I truly believe drugs created many of the false accusations and - more vitally - exaggerations in my case. And the new forms of cannabis, far stronger than those available in the happy hippy days 45 years ago, can have even more effect on personality.

I've never even tried drugs and I've always been against them for my personal use though I've never condemned others who choose to use. And I must admit, after experiencing recent events, I wish I had been more forceful with past friends, some of whom turned into future liars.

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