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King of Hits
Moron Morality PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 April 2008
I think it's time we examined the Moron Morality being touted by the media these days. Personified by the latest "terrorists and sex offenders let out early" campaign - 18 days before they should! Shock horror! Crimes could be committed two weeks early! What mad writing is this?

Can readers, viewers and listeners really be falling for this? Are we all so barmy that we don't spot the errors?

I don't think we do. I think more and more people are despising the simplistic approach of the tabloids (and the rest of the media - intelligent papers and broadcasters are just as ready to grab the simplistic headline).

Even dummys are aware that the stupid "build more prisons" social approach simply doesn't work - and eats up more and more of OUR money - if a Government said "

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