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Will we last? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 May 2008
The Ch4 documdrama about the collapse of the human race - inevitable, I believe, by the end of the century - coincided with some thoughts I had on E-Mail as opposed to letters and digital pics as opposed to paintings.

There is something heavily built in obsolescent about the new technology. My Mum kept my letters from prison and I'm delighted she did - a regular diary of otherwise forgotten incidents.

But this site may one day disappear and all my ramblings with it.

Likewise my photos - I saw a family having a picnic beneath a huge tree today and wanted to photograph it but, apart from the difficulty of relative sizes, I decided a painting would convey the scene far better. Problem being, I can't paint.

But if I could it would last much longer than a digital photo. We would never know Van Gogh if digital had been around then.

Is it intentional? Do we as a species know there's not long to go, so why bother?

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