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False Accusers Are Abusers PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 October 2008
In court, an attractive woman (preferably sobbing) or a middle aged man with photos shown to jurors as a young child are far more appealing than elderly men or thugs in the dock.

As long as no evidence is needed at all in sex charges - especially historical ones going back decades - the jury and judge will always believe the accuser.

Whilst it is easy to understand police and CPS bending the evidence to get convictions against truly evil abusers - how can there be evidence from years ago? - it is oh so easy to exaggerate, colour, inflate and develop the impact of actions from the past and even present.

I actually admire the few brave people who, having made a false allegation, are prepared to retract and face time in prison (and violence from angry cops). The vast majority cannot or will not do that.

So, given the acceptability of bending evidence to trap genuine monsters, it becomes morally acceptable to do so with other people, even innocent ones.

I appreciated the policeman who said to me "We hate doing this JK but we're under orders from above". He clearly felt ashamed and was brave enough to tell me, risking trouble.

But how many innocent men and women are locked up when they really should not be? Lies can go from a simple blurring of whether the act took place to whether it was encouraged or enjoyed and later regretted to changes in ages or situations to total fabrication.

There are so many motives. Greed, revenge, jealousy, mental problems, desire for sympathy, cash rewards... and so little defence ("I didn't do it").

Even many genuine victims build up the effect and drama - it's a better story. And they tend to believe absolutely others telling similar stories - a natural gullibility if it happened to them - developing survivor groups often largely composed of false accusers looking for victim status.

It is an absolute quagmire of deceit - often started with the best of intentions. All those involved can get sucked into the web.

It will suffer a backlash and real victims will, once again, be ignored. That is the worst evil aspect of the lot.

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