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Saturday, 01 November 2008
The Mail is the best and the nastiest paper in Britain.

Whilst other tabloids make silly mistakes and don't think about ramifications, the Mail stable is very, very bright indeed. And knows how to promote the agenda.

The key part of the Brand/Ross debacle was not what was said (and I repeat that a joke in a specialist comedy show should be considered in context - only two listeners were offended. Repeating it in the Mail On Sunday was like carrying a porn photo - of course Mail readers would howl in outrage where porn lovers would simply shrug naked shoulders).

No; the important social issue is - should an unelected media source dictate policy in politics, law and media? The answer being clearly YES, we should all prepare for the next Adolph Hitler, for he is surely coming.

The BBC should have defied the Mail. Nobody should have been fired. Brand and Ross should have been reprimanded ONLY if the listeners to the show/podcast were offended. Nobody should have resigned. Nobody should have bowed to a few Mail inspired complaints.

Indeed, the MOS should have been reprimanded for reprinting something offensive to the readers.

When society cannot see this obvious flaw, we are all in great trouble. If righteous indignation can be whipped up (for economic reasons only, in the Mail case), and if the majority of the public can be so stupid as to fall for the obvious trick, we as society are in enormous danger.

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