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King of Hits
The Damned United - JK and Brian Clough PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 March 2009
This is such a fabulous film but let me tell you about Cloughie. I was a huge, huge fan from the sixties. I loved the way he revived Derby and became a Derby fan and later a Nottingham Forest fan. I thought Peter Taylor was a vital part of Brian's success. But Brian's attitude and humour and everything was so in sync with my own.

When I fought a by election at Epsom and got a surprising 2,350 votes I wondered whether it was time (like now) for a new party and wrote to the half dozen best entrepreneurs (including Clough and people like Branson) suggesting we should form a consortium to take over the country.

I got a lovely long hand written letter from Clough expressing support and enthusiasm and admiration for me, declining (I think he said "I'm only a football manager"). I'm trying to find his letter now. Right until the end of his life my admiration for his good manners, humour, decency and kindness remained. And his talent.

And it remains to this day. There are further films to be made.

Splendid man who never let me down.

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