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My letter to Al Fayed 22/10/2008 (accidentally erased then) PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 April 2009

Dear Mohammed Al Fayed, I assume you are innocent but allow me to inform you of the reality. This is how it goes.

The intentionally leaked media story will provoke a further 27 allegations (if the coverage is as great as it was in my case and John Leslieís and Matthew Kellyís and many others I have investigated; the greater the coverage, the more allegations).

These will go back many years and statements will be made that seem to corroborate each other. Examine them closely and you will find they reflect information cross pollinated from the police interviews.

You are lucky in that a recent false allegation is easier to disprove (as in the case of the Hamiltons). The claims in my case went back 39 years, to 1969.

Not easy to disprove.

The allegations will range from total fantasy to the exaggerated stories of people with some contact, to those which could even be 99% true, except that the enjoyment is turned into dislike or the ages dropped by a few years to below the age of consent. Why will all these accusations surface?

Compensation pays up to £33,000 and much more when media fees are included. I do hope you are still friendly with Max Clifford or he may choose to represent accusers.

But remember the other motives - revenge, a desire for sympathy, genuine delusion and dozens more reasons.

If it does come to trial, any acquittal is a less good story than conviction, so you will probably be convicted. If you manage to avoid conviction, you will have discovered this appalling, dangerous situation in the British legal system and I can only hope you will be alarmed enough to devote some time and money, as I have done, to helping those future, present and past victims of false allegations who cannot afford to fight. Please be aware, thousands of innocent people are told to plead guilty by lawyers because they will inevitably be found guilty, and find the promised shorter sentences do not materialise.

The extraordinary curse of this media controlled society is the new crime of false allegations. I have no knowledge of why, if these are untrue, they have been made. I am, by now, pretty certain of why they were made against me.

Iím still fighting to have my own wrongful convictions overturned by the European Court of Human Rights.

Best wishes,

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