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Tony Blair being gay... PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 August 2009
I was seriously considering falsely accusing Blair of gay rape when he was Prime Minister, was not assisting me in my fight against false allegations and was busy passing laws allowing our tax monies to be spent murdering innocent Iraquis.

Just to prove a point.

It was certain and evidence that I met Blair when he was Shadow Home Secretary under similar circumstances to my meeting several of my false accusers.

At a concert (Bruce).

Subsequent false claims of meetings and sex, unwitnessed by anyone else, would have been no more fictional than the stories against me. The police and CPS built their case entirely on the facts that I had met someone. The rest was fantasy.

It would have had to have been followed up after an official complaint. The publicity would have ended his career.

Of course I never did it. I could not do that to anyone. And (of course)... I don't need the money.

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