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Tuesday, 22 December 2009
Rage Against The Machine at Number One this Christmas

My first thoughts about this campaign were - how silly to put one wrong motive for buying a track against another. Destroy mass manipulation on TV with mass manipulation online. What should top the chart? Something that more people like and buy as a piece of music than anything else.

I discounted the fact that I like Killing In The Name Of and donít like The Climb, or that I think Joe is a potential star where Rage is just another old rock band.

But then I came to the conclusion that moving forward is the vital thing and that this campaign, by capturing media imagination on the tired old Christmas Number One topic (which I used many times in the past - most recently for the Cuban Boys and Cognoscenti vs Intelligentsia and which my ex employee Little Joe used for Nizlopi) had at least shown there are ways of breaking talent that do not rely on the tired old formula of radio and TV.

Now itís up to us to make it work on better music - and on other projects.

I moved forward myself on the use of the Internet by making an online only movie - Vile Pervert: The Musical - which has so far had nearly 50,000 full length views/downloads. Quite an achievement for a 96 minute long polemic and provoking decent sales via iTunes and others for the music included.

Letís stop moaning about the success of others and start doing it for ourselves.

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