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King of Hits
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Monday, 22 March 2010
I shall either not vote at all - I'm now convinced democracy does not work - or vote Lib Dem, as I think a hung Parliament is a far better way to govern than to allow Brown or Cameron full control.

I don't like or trust either and whilst I have no more enthusiasm for Clegg, I think certain Lib Dem ingredients (like Vince Cable) could only improve government.

I truly felt Tony Blair was the right man in 1997. I even won Eurovision for the UK that year in support of New Labour. But they let me down personally - three years later - when I was sacrificed on the altar of appeasement to the tabloids in return for being forced to equalize the ages of consent.

"Something is going dreadfully wrong" I thought. But much more wrong for the millions slaughtered in our name and with our money on the altar of oil greed.

As morality, justice, sense and decency were all totally destroyed in the first decade of this century, I lost hope for humanity.

I reckon we are a species beyond saving now but at least, with a hung Parliament, we might stand a chance.

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