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King of Hits
Lessons to be earned from the Tweed acquittal... PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 April 2010
1) there are hundreds of false allegations - and most end in conviction, with the innocent having lives and careers destroyed (as teachers, doctors, priests, fosters... all vital roles in society for children).

2) the most profitable kinds of false allegations involve celebrities.

3) many false allegations concern consensual sex adapted to non consensual after the event.

4) the "every man is a rapist" brigade - a huge amount of feminists, some better concealed than others, will always hiss "he got away with it".

5) compensation should ONLY be paid to doctors and medical professionals to treat genuine health problems.

6) media should be banned from paying for stories about abuse. Ditto publishers. Neither the abusers nor the abused should benefit financially from the crime.

7) we need a statute of limitations like the rest of the world.

8) let us always remember and never forget - there are GENUINE victims and they should be believed - those of us who have suffered from liars should not go to the extreme, as so many abuse supporters do.

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