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King of Hits
Where have I been for the last week? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 November 2010
Filming the second movie.

And what a delight it has been; low budget again but twice the cost of Vile Pervert; The Musical because this one has 20 real actors all of whom have been totally brilliant and very reliable, to my slight surprise. I thought they would be flaky.

And it has been an absolute joy. In our location in Central London, sets built, fabulous makeup and costume department (all the same as for VPTM - we enjoyed ourselves so much on that, we thought we'd do it again); the best camera, sound and lighting people in the world; superb director - I've been up at 4am every morning; finishing at 10pm.

The music is tremendous (I would say that). The characters magnificent. It will be entered into the Cannes Film Festival and I have every hope we'll win the prize as Best Film of 2011.

The DVD/CD soundtrack package will come with backing tracks also provided so amateurs wanting to put on a stage production can clear all the rights with one letter.

It is the street, credible equivalent of High School Musical - a kind of intelligent Glee with better original music.

My hope is that, just like my first connection with a stage/screen musical - The Rocky Horror Show - it will become the cult hit of the new century. I shall, naturally, be trying to ensure Richard, Tim and my Rocky friends from the early 70s all attend the Premiere next year.

It has been incredibly exhausting for a nearly 66 year old but immensely satisfying and wonderful fun. What more could a boy want?

And it looks about to co-incide with our 55,000th full length view/download of Vile Pervert; The Musical - which you can watch for free if you haven't caught it yet by going to

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