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A thought for Christmas - does Santa exist? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 December 2010
And the answer has to be - Of Course he does.

Whether Father Christmas is Daddy in a false beard or Mummy (in my case after my Daddy died) - he or she exists if you want them to. No matter whether they be a real fat man in red who lives in Lapland or an anonymous little lady from Helsinki (listen to Riding A Reindeer on You Tube).

Which brings us to the next question; does God exist? And I'm sorry Richard Dawkins - the answer again must be YES.

Not the old man with white beard on a cloud with a harp but - in my case - the gentleman on the front of my Christmas card. God is whoever or whatever you decide to believe he is.

It is a very simple answer to a very simple question.

God for me is life. Problem solved.

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