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King of Hits
Murdoch, Brooks, Coulson - JK's opinion. PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 July 2011
I hate to take an unpopular stand, but I don't blame these three at all.

The fault goes much, much deeper. I was a victim of the evil relationship between Media, Police, Politicians and Judiciary as this century opened in 2000.

I watched it amazed then. I could not believe events that NEVER TOOK PLACE could provoke a seven year prison sentence. No evidence at all - not one shred. So how and why did it happen?

It happened because Media wants a good story (to get circulation, ratings, sales from US, the public who want great tales - whether they be true or false).

Bent police - aided by bent liars who wanted attention, sympathy, cash - and bent publicists assisting them both - stories to bent journalists who helped colour, inflate, expand details so lines were crossed and blurred and erased; bent lawyers and judges keen to get sensation rather than truth.

Truth was the one thing nobody - nobody - wanted. Not even me I hasten to add; we none of us like details of our behaviour which did not always live up to our own morality - to have light shone in the darkest corners.

What we are now witnessing is a light shone into everybody's motives, flaws, faults and mistakes. And believe me,

Nobody will come out of this well.

Do you really think the Mail or Express or Mirror or Guardian are blemish free? Do you really think the News of the World wasn't just as bad before Murdoch bought it?

This is the beginning. God knows how it will end.

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