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King of Hits
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Friday, 16 September 2011
A brilliant movie - and I'm biased as I love John le Carre (regulars know) - but that's one problem for me; I know the plot inside out, so no surprises.

Superb script, great direction, magnificent camera work, wonderful acting but...

It's not a hit.

The King's Speech was all those things and it WAS a hit.

Nobody could not enjoy this and anyone in the business will be amazed. However, Gary Oldman is good but not that good; it's not enough just to do nothing (as Smiley requires). When the camera goes to him and we all expect shock, horror, surprise, pain - he does nothing. Not hard but Guinness did it brilliantly. He did nothing but slightly lowered his eyelids.


Superb cast - Toby Jones and Mark Strong steal the film for me.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it and film making on every level at peak. 7 out of 10. Two terrific hours.

But it's not a hit.

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