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Happy Easter human race - NOT! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 29 March 2013
It's Good Friday. Eight years ago I was granted First Parole (unheard of for a prisoner who continued to protest his innocence and thus could not do any offending behaviour programmes) - half way through my seven year sentence. It fell on Good Friday.

Rather than let me leave on the Thursday, a day early, the prison service kept me in until Tuesday - four days later.

It didn't worry me in the slightest; in fact I had lots to do, time to say goodbye to all my friends over the long weekend and, most important of all, far greater media attention on the day after the holidays.

But I was appalled by the petty, nasty, vicious and vindictive streak running through our Establishment. They did it as a gratuitous effort to make me suffer. They failed.

I was reminded of this ghastly quality in our society today as - just before Easter - an 82 year old minor celebrity was arrested. On suspicion of offences claimed from decades ago. Where there can be no proof or evidence and great danger of inflated memories or exaggeration for reward. But certainly no current danger.

"Let's ruin his Easter" they must have said. "If we leave it until Tuesday he might have a pleasant weekend with his grand children."

The same combination of laziness and nastiness that allows a dead person to be smeared as "the worst paedophile of all time" without any serious investigation into claims or possible crimes.

Have a lovely Easter - those responsible for ruining the holiday of so many others. But, as I say about publicist Waxie Maxie in my film Vile Pervert: The Musical, watch out for Karma. It has a habit of coming around and biting you on the bottom when you least expect it.

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