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Censorship on the BBC PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 November 2013
My letter to Tony Hall - current Director General... Dear Tony Hall,

As - unlike Mark Thompson - you appear not to reply to correspondence (and who can blame you… you must get hundreds of letters and it’s hard to retain good manners under such stress, plus, of course, a reply means a paper trail which, when the Mail eventually gets it, means a bucket of shit or worse) I suspect no direct answer but could you pass the query below onto whoever is in charge of BBC censorship?

It appears to be policy at the BBC not to play any Jonathan King records on the radio and, although Mark Thompson decreed that the ban on my appearances on Top of the Pops be rescinded, my Entertainment USA series and my No Limits series seem unlikely to be repeated, although I must say I believe millions would love to see them (and a few dozen would object).

Likewise no Gary Glitter hits. And no DLT or Savile (and now, I presume Gambaccini) on the BBC. Quite apart from the unfairness of removing innocent people (until or unless proven guilty) from the airwaves and the far more serious damage to the quality of editorial content, I cannot understand why some convicted prisoners (George Michael, Boy George, Dirty Den etc) are happily featured whilst others are not.

Could you explain the official BBC Censorship policy?

Or was common sense surgically removed from the Corporation at the same time as the backbone?

Best wishes,

Jonathan King

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