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Doctor Sleep - Stephen King PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 December 2013
What a wonderful writer Stephen King is! Like Shakespeare and Dickens, hugely popular when alive and bound to remain a legend for centuries after his death.

Doctor Sleep is technically the followup to The Shining, telling us what happened to Danny Torrence, the little kid with the shining in that snow bound hotel.

Like Stephen, this King was disappointed with the Kubrick film, finding it one dimensional and caricature. Nicolson was infuriating but worst of all was the ghastly wife, screaming and flapping like Olive Oyl on heat.

Stephen writes about real people with all the faults, foibles, charms and talents that flesh and blood (and ghosts) have.

I had just finished reading SOLO, William Boyd's badly written new James Bond. Ian Fleming wasn't a great writer but, like Dan Brown, he knew how to capture the reader. Boyd fails at that.

It was such a pleasure to get back to fabulous writing; like (for me) JK Rowling, Stephen is under rated because he is so popular. Bollocks. He is a first class writer.

Doctor Sleep is wonderful. Buy it and read it immediately.

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