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Cyril, Nigel, Jimmy and false allegations. PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 April 2014
As the latest big scandal erupts (in the Daily Mail), it's time to notice what they have in common.

Cyril Smith and Nigel Evans were/are both gay. And are both politicians. Though one was fat and the other is thin.

Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile were both very famous. And are both dead. Though one was fat and the other was thin.

Being famous, gay and dead is the lethal combination. Sir Edward Heath's ghost must be very nervous.

And that's a wonderful recipe for police and CPS too, involving no work and loads of profitable publicity. And boosting future work and clients.

However, politicians must be starting to shiver. The false allegations industry, as I stumbled across it and predicted 14 years ago, is getting into its stride. I called it then "the growth crime industry". Parliament must be nervously thinking "next - it could be me".

False Allegations Against Cameron Clegg And Miliband.


It has a nice ring to it.

Unless Parliament rushes through radical changes in the laws governing sex allegations, it may be too late to save many careers. It won't just be a new Deputy Speaker we'll be looking for.

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