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Tuesday, 24 June 2014
I go into much greater detail about the phone hacking moral panic in my next book, the sequel to 65 My Life So Far.

Indeed there is an entire chapter devoted to what I know, guess or assumed during my ten years writing a weekly page for The Sun.

But now verdicts are in let me simply say - I reckon every paper and every journalist worth his or her salt knew or were even using information gained from tapping phones or whatever the current phraseology is.

I think Andy Coulson has suffered from the same moral panic that I did and that many others, in different ways, are experiencing these days.

In the 48 years since I became a minor celebrity I've always assumed that all my communications - phone, letters, faxes, e mails - are routinely hacked into. Par for the course.

I don't believe Coulson was any worse or better than anyone else - including Brooks, Piers Morgan or Rupert Murdoch.

The only surprising thing for me is daily discovering how the public fall for anything they are told.

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