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How the false allegations industry works. PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 August 2014
Just to elaborate about my Leveson evidence (rejected). I expressed on paper the very dangerous situation of the police and CPS using the media to construct a case. Much as entrapment used to be in those happy days when being gay was illegal, this is how it works.

Police search a home of a celebrity - leaking the information to the media beforehand. So even without an arrest they get massive media publicity. Then dozens of others, provoked by the media coverage (certain "details" are likewise leaked... underage, venue, date, claims) come forward with similar stories. Investigating these, police rapidly discover 95 of the 100 are by total loonies looking for compensation but 5% could just provide them with a case worth taking to court so they arrest, try and often convict an innocent person (this works against women as well as men).

So - exactly as in my case 14 years ago - a crime that NEVER HAPPENED is created and an innocent person is wrongly convicted to serve 7 years in jail and have his career (and those of many connected to him) destroyed.

This method, incidentally, has worked for years for NON celebrities in the LOCAL media (on a far smaller scale). I met many victims in prison.

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