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Friday, 26 September 2014
The expected mock media hysteria about my appearance in a Genesis documentary squeals "how dare the BBC use this man's name/face/voice?". As though a documentary about a band named, started and produced by JK could avoid mentioning him.

I actually love it when they carry these howls of outrage because, every time, more people sit back and think "are we going mad?".

The moral panic in this latest bout of brain dead outrage illustrates just how powerful the media is in provoking primal reactions from the simplest of our species. Very soon other, more intelligent commentators and investigative journalists will start noticing discrepancies in previous stories about other celebrities.

What happens is that an exaggerated story appears somewhere (with essential small details either wrong or inflated to give "a better story". It's picked up by the vast majority of publications without budgets to check facts and is slightly coloured up to make "a better story". In legal cases the original claims and stories have already been inflated by witnesses told by police and CPS it will assist their case if they exaggerate to give them "a better story".

Online sources like Wikipedia, edited by people with no expertise at all, also adapt and change the "facts" (which could be verified by minimal searching) to make "a better story" - and these fictional accounts are also used as a basis for other, stolen articles whose writers cannot be bothered to research properly.

All because, in this totally superficial era, very few of us can be bothered by any depth or by complex answers to complicated questions. We prefer simple answers; preferably headlines or two word slogans, please.

The few intelligent, deeper thinkers amongst us tend to do things like visit this site (10,000 a day) for information which, naturally, tends to reflect my personal point of view but, on details, is unlikely to be wrong. And is often backed up (as in my books) by pictures and photos of clippings and articles taken from newspapers at the time.

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