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Tuesday, 04 November 2014
Virtually every front page indulges in child abuse today. Get me straight here. There is no way to justify the ghastly murder of that poor, innocent teacher. But there is also no justification for that delightful trilogy - media, police and law - to destroy another human being, let alone a child (if you accept that a 15/16 year old is a "child" - technically he's a "young person").

Find him, arrest him, try him, sentence him, jail him and attempt to sort him out, mend his head, put his soul back together again. And do it privately, humanely, kindly, gently and with decency.

Don't, as society, pander to our nasty side, desire to demonise, pleasure in ghastly details and photos and blood and knives and gore. Just because the less decent enjoy wallowing in second hand nastiness, just because it's "a good story", just because it means increased profits - don't rape a human being for the gratification of that horrible aspect of society.

Resist the temptation to make loadsamoney. Be kind for a change.

Deaf ears? Oh yes.

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