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Starting Things Part Four - The Rocky Horror Show PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 07 February 2015
Starting things part four - The Rocky Horror Show.

Richard O'Brien gives me huge credit for this. I signed it after the second night in rep in the tiny Theatre Upstairs at The Royal Court in Sloane Square, London.

I produced the Original Soundtrack the very next weekend over 48 hours in Sarm Studios. I loved it, promoted it, raved about it, brought top BBC producers to see it and contributed to the buzz about it.

But would it have been as huge without me?

Yes. I had no involvement creatively at all. I was just a huge fan who saw the potential and helped it achieve the success it (eventually) got. But would it have got there without me, with others?

Yes. Absolutely. It was a stone cold certainty. The magic was in the writing and the full credit belongs to Richard.

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