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Thursday, 26 March 2015
I shall be writing to the House of Commons committee about the fact that the BBC and many other broadcasters still censor historical programmes.

The time has come for Parliament to decide - should editorial censorship exist on matters of historical fact?

Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter and others should NOT be erased from programmes reflecting the chart of the time. Dave Lee Travis, Jimmy Savile and others should NOT be removed from shows in which they have earlier featured. Hitler existed and it would be insane and absurd to remove him from shows examining the 1940s.

We should NOT be considering entertainment less important than other social events. Nor should the morality of the time be allowed to affect the description of the past.

This dishonesty in broadcasting must be stopped.

Recent shows actually dared include suffragettes, criminals fighting for the (then) disgraceful activity of getting votes for women. These vile persons were thought by many, at the time, far worse social offenders than sex offenders.

This bizarre time, temporarily, considers consensual sex often far worse than murder; but such an anomaly should not be allowed to reflect coverage of past events.

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