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King of Hits
The alternative to the witch hunts PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 May 2015
Inspired by discussion on another thread on the KingOfHits site (Mad Hatter) - ITK admits the jury system is flawed but asks - is there an alternative? I say - yes - government should look at all the money and time spent by police and others and debate whether or not these historical claims should be prosecuted or declared "out of time".

Now we hear from the police that literally hundreds of politicians, celebrities, sports stars and media people have been accused. This cannot proceed.

We do not have the budget. Police should be preventing crime. Stopping bombers and killers. Not investigating and prosecuting old claims whether true or false. Sexuality is a difficult area anyway. In some countries being gay is not just a crime but punishable by death. In others the age of consent is 13 (Spain), 14 (Germany, Italy) or 15 (France). Many have statutes of limitations.

Whether or not the claims are 100% true, 100% false or (I suspect the majority) exaggerated and inflated by memory, media promotion and social messages. What we must stop and prevent is violence, forced or coerced sex, real rape. We need to drop these witch hunts from an era when morality was different and innocence is impossible to prove.

The police do not have the time or the money. They should not concentrate on getting convictions instead of finding the truth. But anyway - historical allegations may be dreadful and foul but we need to move on. Like prosecuting old Nazis for old war crimes. Get over it, move on.

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