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DNA fears - by man who discovered DNA
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TOPIC: DNA fears - by man who discovered DNA
In The Know

DNA fears - by man who discovered DNA 13 Years, 10 Months ago  
Has the police state actually arrived ?
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Re:DNA fears - by man who discovered DNA 13 Years, 10 Months ago  
Yes indeed - Mission Creep...

I came across this when I discovered, to my horror, that the vast majority of police and CPS staff only want convictions and have no concern at all for the truth.

That was the single most frightening aspect of the last 6 years for me.

Really opened my eyes.
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In The Know

Have YOUR say ! 13 Years, 10 Months ago  
The ethics committee are asking for people's views -
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Re:DNA fears - by man who discovered DNA 13 Years, 10 Months ago  
TBH, our freedoms have been eroded for a long time.

There is now talk of 'assessor' being able to enter one's house without warrant for 'rating' purposes. I'm damned if I'm having that.

We get fucked in every hole taxation wise for ever more inept government.

It's not a Police State, since by and large, the Police don't want the extra work, preferring to do the job they signed up for, which is stop crime, not hoover up extra revenue for venal and grasping government. When the new intake are saying that the 'job is fucked' within weeks of basic training. IT was usually the 20 year men who said that.

So, it's not a Police state, just ever more opressive government. There would have to be a major sea change,and the institution of something like the wider Patriot Act stuff in the states to be enacted here... which there is in terms of The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill which superficially looks different but means people can enact laws to do what the hell they like.

For the interested, one can monitor one's MP's activities here - The Work For You
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In The Know

20% of world's spy cameras are in the UK ! 13 Years, 10 Months ago  
There is one camera for every 12 people !,,30000-13550044,00.html

Even the government's own watch-dog is seriously concerned -

"We really do have a society which is premised both on state secrecy and the state not giving up its supposed right to keep information under control while, at the same time, wanting to know as much as it can about us."

The research says surveillance ranges from the US national security agency monitoring all telecommunications traffic passing through Britain to key stroke information used to gauge work rates and global positioning satellite information tracking company vehicles.
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