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TOPIC: Tea with Simon Warr
Tea with Simon Warr 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
One of the more articulate members of the fast growing army against the False Allegations Industry. Read his book.
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Re:Tea with Simon Warr 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
JK2006 wrote:
One of the more articulate members of the fast growing army against the False Allegations Industry. Read his book.

Remember JK, that some police officers want people to say yes. I still remember that daunting call from Surrey Police about JK. I am still haunted to this day about it, no doubt whatsoever he wanted me to say that JK touched me or groomed me.

Even when I told the police no theye. We're sort of trying to nurture me like I have been a victim of sexual abuse.

He even said are you he didn't touch you or never had contact with him ?

Hope I never get a letter like that in the post again.
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Re:Tea with Simon Warr 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
I got pretty annoyed reading some of Simon's Tory supporting beliefs on his website but...yes he is a very good communicator about being falsely accused and I fully support him.

## another reason I was very disappointed that Peter Tatchell wouldn't express support for the much maligned Harvey Proctor because of his political views 30 years ago.

My experience is that I was falsely accused over 30 years ago of sexual assault by a teenager in a blatant blackmail attempt.

So I know what it is like to go through the dreadful haze of not knowing what is happening while sitting in a cell for a few hours.

And how saved rm from my predicament?

The police.

I pour scorn on the fact that police did not take sex assault charges seriously decades ago. The big difference was 2 West End detectives became skeptical after questioning the victim and then repeatedly asked questions until they found flaws in his tale and eventually..he admitted nothing had happened and it was a blackmail attempt.

The cops were a bit annoyed I would not be a witness to the blackmail so he walked free but both admitted they understood me not wanting to go through a court drama.

Now a combination of a compensation culture, media sensationalizing aspects of life with mock horror with the culmination of Keir Starmer's appalling "you will be believed" lunacy now being played out with the Ted Heath madness is seriously screwing up British justice.
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