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TOPIC: Dump Fat Toad Watson
Dump Fat Toad Watson 11 Months ago Karma: 51
As a Corbyn fan, the sooner he dumps the horrid Tom the better.
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Re:Dump Fat Toad Watson 11 Months ago  
Even as an ex-Labour Corbyn non-fan, the sooner he dumps the horrid Tom (and the horrid Keir Starmer and the horrid Yvette Fielding) the better. A purge of narcissistic, self-aggrandising PC witchfinders in the name of justice, reason and growth may make Labour, and Mr Corbyn, worth voting for again.

I personally doubt that I can ever be persuaded to vote for it again, having said that, because I think vicious PC victimology and dead State Socialism is all it has going for it now. Even Jeremy supports the nutty "rape culture" vic-fem demand for women-only train carriages, which I consider a malignantly divisive piece of psychosis and a grotesque insult to all good-hearted men and boys.

I'd personally prefer to see the Labour Party implode and disintegrate so that the ground might be cleared for an alliance of intelligent conservatives who can't stand the Blairite Conservative Party and progressive, liberty-defending Leftists, who can agree to live with their differences and fight together to vigorously push back the pernicious effects of PC victimology.
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Re:Dump Fat Toad Watson 11 Months ago Karma: 51
What we need Pete is a revived Lib Dems - preferably headed by Clegg who did a decent job in coalition.
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Re:Dump Fat Toad Watson 11 Months ago Karma: 0
Watson has strong views on child sex abusers....once they are Tories.

Are we permitted to have a discussion about his 2012 Parly Q?
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Re:Dump Fat Toad Watson 11 Months ago  
I've just noticed a gigantic error in my earlier post, in which I referred to the "horrid Yvette Fielding." I meant Ms Cooper, of course, not the former presenter on Most Haunted, who strikes me as a rather sweet person.

And to be fair, Ms Cooper may also well be a rather sweet person. I don't know her, so I can't say with any confidence.

Her publicly expressed thought-and-language-policing views, however, strike me as deeply odious radical feminist poison.
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