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yet another shocking tale of false accusations
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TOPIC: yet another shocking tale of false accusations

yet another shocking tale of false accusations 1 Year ago  
The one thing that stands out in this horrible story is that the CPS, police and those in authority are condoning a totally biased legal system where one claimant can use power and privilege to hire muscle to try to obtain a "better outcome" than that available to any other claimant or accused.

And not one person is commenting on this shockingly skewered situation where some are far more equal under law than others.

The Crown Persecution Service: Judge slams CPS for 'improper' rape charges against an innocent teacher as he reveals the nightmare of being dragged through the courts will haunt him forever
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Re:yet another shocking tale of false accusations 1 Year ago  
Shocking indeed. This terrible story shines a spotlight on the dystopian legacy of Keir Starmer's reign as CPS head.

So we have Ms Akers (ex-Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner) and Ms Levitt (CPS’s former principal legal adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions) both in the employ of the wealthy parents of this venomous 14 year-old liar and fantasist, successfully applying huge pressure on the CPS and the Metropolitan Police to convict Kato Harris of raping the girl regardless of due process. If that is not corruption, I know not what is.

The judge … wrote: ‘It was one of those immensely rare and exceptional cases where the decision to prosecute and thereafter to continue the prosecution was an unnecessary or improper act.’ Oh I doubt very much if it was so immensely rare and exceptional; I would rate it a rather common occurrence given that the CPS, the Met, and other police forces, appear to be infested with men-hating feminists.

The headmaster, Gary Savage, appears to have behaved particularly despicably towards Kato Harris too and should be utterly ashamed of himself.
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Re:yet another shocking tale of false accusations 1 Year ago  
A terrible story. This seems to sum up how badly it has affected him:

"He is now considering a job at a crematorium ‘putting bodies in the fire’."

Someone commenting under the article says he should sue the accuser's family. But could he do that if they didn't actually accuse him themselves and if she cannot(?) be sued herself?
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